May, 2017

Two home working meetings were held in May 2017, as a part of the project “Development of Pilot Scheme for Monitoring Implementation of the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions”, which was funded within the framework of the UNESCO Participation Programme.
Topics of the working meetings:
• Pilot structure of the monitoring scheme for implementation of the Convention;
• Indicators of implementation of specific tasks relevant to the Articles of the Convention;
• Identification and search of the studied documents by topic:

1. Media Diversity and Self-Expression
o Use of Public Media (Objective 1.2.),
o Digital Environment (Objective 1.3.)

2. International Relations
o Agreements and Contracts (Objective 2.3.)
o International Sustainable Development Program for Strengthening Cultural and Creative Sectors (Objective 3.2.)
Representatives of the project working group and experts participated in the meeting. The interim model of the monitoring was discussed.

In May 2017, two topics ofthe main areas of the monitoring were started to develop–“International Relations”, “Media Diversity and Self-Expression”.
The following problems were identified:
• Protection of the diversity of culturalexpression in the media context;
• Access to the information on international agreements.
The problems of collection, identification and analysis of the cultural sphere data by the Department of State Statistics of Georgia, the problems of introduction of UNESCO indicators system were discussed.

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