europe house

Europe House is a Georgian non-profit, non-governmental organisation that aims to promote European values in Georgia and increase the engagement with the broader international community through fostering people-to-people connections focusing on Civil Dialogue, Culture and Education which make up its three key programmes.

The Civil Dialogue programme aims to increase understanding and build closer ties between Georgia and other European countries.  It creates an open dialogue amongst Georgian and European citizens and opinion-makers to discuss developments in social and political life. It also brings together civil society leaders from across Europe to share best practises and work jointly on European issues. Open discussions, public lectures by guest speakers from all over the world, confidence-building initiatives are implemented within the framework of this program.

The Culture programme presents European culture in Georgia and fosters joint collaboration and partnerships in order to fuse the cultures of Europe and Georgia more cohesively while advocating cultural diversity. It regards and approaches culture as an impetus for change and social innovation. The programme encompasses cultural events such as visual art exhibitions, film screenings, literary readings and gatherings and other public events held in co-operation with European cultural institutions.

The Education programme seeks to increase access to knowledge for the young generation of Georgians.  The programme highlights study opportunities in Europe and provides modern skills for young professionals in Georgia through conferences, workshops, seminars and trainings conducted in partnership with European educational institutions.

Since its inception in 2009, Europe House has conceptualised, managed and implemented numerous different projects and activities including conferences, round tables, exhibitions, film screenings, literature readings and book launches, seminars and trainings, study trips and confidence-building initiatives.  Of particular note is the resounding success of European Week in Tbilisi (  Interest in Europe House programmes is assessed by the high levels of attendance and engagement at its events alongside monitoring its social networking site (Facebook – Europe House Georgia) for visitors, comments and other direct engagement.

Located in a beautiful historical building n Freedom Square in the heart of old Tbilisi, Europe House boasts two gallery spaces / conference halls. All of its events are open to the public and free to attend. Our doors are open to anyone who shares our values.

Georgia, Tbilisi , 0105
Shalva Dadiani Str. 2
Phone: +(995 32 2) 470312



Georgia, Tbilisi 0105,
Sanapiro Str. 4
Phone: +(995 32 2) 99 99 66