Tbilisi, April 2017

Newsletter N2
April, 2017
In early 2017, Valerian Gunia Union of Young Theatre Artists (YTA Union) began the implementation of the project entitled “Development of Pilot Scheme for Monitoring the Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions” which was funded within the framework of the UNESCO Participation Programme.
The aforementioned Convention which was signed in Paris in 2005 and which was joined by Georgia in 2008, is the main international document on the protection of the diversity of cultural expressions. Every four years, parties to the Convention prepare a report on the fulfilment of the undertaken obligations. The goal of YTA Union’s project is to start the work on the creation of the Paris Convention implementation monitoring scheme.
After preparatory work, in April 2017, two working meetings were held within the framework of the project.
The working meeting topics were:
•    Results of the comparative analysis of the UNESCO methodological documents and the 2016 Georgian National Report conducted by the project team;
•    Baseline indicators and indicators of implementation of specific tasks corresponding to the articles of the Convention;
•    Identifying and locating the documents to be studied in accordance with the topics (“Cultural Policy” (Goal 1.1); “Gender Equality” (Goal 4.1)).
Representatives of the project working team participated in the meeting.
Three models of monitoring were discussed:
1.    Based on the structure of the Convention and the principle of selecting specific articles;
2.    Based on UNESCO documents “RE | SHAPING CULTURAL POLICIES – A Decade Promoting the Diversity of Cultural Expressions for Diversity”, 2005 Convention, Global Report 2015.
3.    Based on the merged version of the aforementioned models.

In April 2017, two topics of the main spheres of monitoring were processed: “Cultural Policy” (Goal 1.1); “Gender Equality” (Goal 4.1).
The following problems have been identified: the absence of programmes protecting the diversity of cultural expressions in gender context; the problem of attribution of titles (correlation of titles and essence) in projects and events identified as gender-related when creating documents reflecting state activities; problem of access to information due to the confusion of terms, especially in the regions.
A discussion was held regarding the state programmes that are in place in Georgia, the implementation and planning of events as well as their monitoring. Remarks and recommendations were made.

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